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  • The future of glass starts with its cut

The Strength of NIKKEN

We have created high quality, long-lasting, and low-cost products based on actual performance and our considerable experience including over 100 years research and development.

From general to 0.03mm, including special and LCD glass, we can suggest the best glass cutting tools to suit your various needs and requests.

Whether you are a beginning or professional glass worker, please feel free to contact us.



Cutting Wheels & Axles
・Tungsten Carbide
・Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

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Cutting Wheel Holders
・Precision ・Standard
・Replaceable Wheel type
・One-touch insert type
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Diamond Temp Cutter
・Super long life cutting wheel for thin glass
・Oil-less continuous cutting wheel

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Glass Cutters
・Carbide wheel ・Carbide laser wheel
・PCD wheel        ・PCD laser wheel

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Other Related Tools
・Tungsten Carbide Cutting Plier ・Circle Cutter
・Benchtop Circle Cutting Jig
・Benchtop Irregular Cutting Jig
・Straight Cutting Jig
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  • 2016.08Launched the Laser Wheel glass cutters.
  • 2016.01Launched the Z03 series long life glass cutters.