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Diamond Temp Cutter

Product name:Diamond Temp Cutter NC-SDR-Z1  Cutting Angle 100-135° 

Diamond Temp Cutter1 has a structural integrated wheel and axle, with needlepoint tips on both ends of the axle. The needlepoint tips of the axle spin within the concave surfaces of the holder, reducing and limiting rotational friction to a fine point.Therefore, this cutter can rotate with extreme smoothness and has none of the backlash and galling2 found with regular cutting wheels.

This design takes full advantage of the ability of PCD wheels. Yield ratios are improved, and replacement frequency of wheels is reduced. This wheel’s performance and ability to significantly reduce costs is far greater than you might think.

  • Life actual achievement3 : LCD 0.7mm single panel, 300,000m – 700,000m
  • We can make holders to suit a variety of cutting machines.
  • We can re-sharpen the temp cutter.
  • Because of the wheel’s structure, it is not possible for customers to replace the wheel themselves.

1Our Diamond Temp Cutters are products invented with inspiration from the “temp”, the pendulum part, of mechanical watches.

2When thin glass is cut with regular wheels without proper lubrication, friction occurs between the surface of the inner diameter and the surface of the axle, and the problem of galling happens.
Galling creates rotational problems for the wheel which results in poor quality cutting.
  • Appearance of cutting particles and slivers
  • Wavering lines
  • Reduced product life

  • 3 As reported by a major glass manufacturer.