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Company Profile

A greeting from our president

Since our founder, Ikushichiro Arai, first invented the glass cutting wheel in 1903, our company has been the leading pioneer in the development of TC and PCD cutting wheels, cutting tools, and cutting machines for the glass industry.
In step with advancing technology, our company’s products have kept pace with the increased use of LCD glass and other types ultra thin glass. We have earned a reputation for quality both domestically and internationally in Asia and Europe.

This year marks the 115th anniversary of our company’s founding. We strive to contribute to the development of the glass industry by providing higher quality Nikken brand products. We thank all our customers for allowing our business to grow for over a hundred years and look forward to their continued patronage and support.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Nikken Dia Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2-9-31 Nishiwaki Hirano-ku, Osaka, Japan. Postal Code : 547-0035
Phone : +81-6-4303-0091 Fax : +81-6-4303-0090
E-mail :
HP :
Representative CEO Hirohito Arai
Establishment 1903
Capital Fund ¥10,000,000
Business Description Production, distribution and import/export of tools related to glass cutting and processing


Corporate History

1903 Invented the glass cutting wheel and began manufacturing.
1920 Established “Arai Works. Ltd.”.
Began manufacturing hardened steel cutters.
1954 With the help of the renowned physicist, Dr. Honda, created the world’s first TC cutter. Product life extended from 3 minutes to 8 hours.
1961 Opened the Arai Glass Industrial store.
Established the basic cutting principles and methods for sheet glass which were serialized in the glass industrial magazine.
1964 Created oiled hand cutter, commonly called “oiled cutter”.
1965 Became Nikken Dia Industrial.
Created the φ2.5mm cutting wheel, bearing cutter holder, etc. and featured in the glass industrial magazine.
1970 Constructed a new factory in Sakai City, Osaka.
Created the world’s first automatic biaxial circle glass cutting machine, form cutting jig for lens, benchtop irregular cutting jig, benchtop circle cutting jig.
1973 Became Nikken Dia Co., Ltd.
Became an official supplier for Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
1974 Created the automated big sheet glass cutting machine, “Auto-con Cutter”.
1975 Created the manual glass cutting machine, “One-hand cutter”.
Invented the world’s first PCD wheels and announced in the glass industrial magazine.
1977 Invented a balanced PCD wheel, “Diamond Temp cutter”.
The new design eliminated all backlash, allowing a super smooth rotation and super long life.
1992 Released a new line of oiled cutters, nipping cutters, and circle cutters.
Participated in the Makuhari Exibition in Tokyo.
1995 Commercialized the Diamond Temp Cutter for the LCD industry.
Began participation in the Flat Panel Display Exhibition.
1997 Received an award from the Hitachi Corporation for the substantial reduction of production waste associated with the cutting of LCD glass, thereby increasing yields and reducing costs.
2002 Reached a record setting level of hardness with the creation of the UZ long life TC wheel.
2004 Created the PCD and TC integrated low-cost Temp Cutter. A record breaking cutting life of over 700,000 meters was reported by a major glass manufacturer.
2011 Created the ZX long life TC wheel.
2012 Registered a new logo for Worldwide Nikken brand products.
2016 Released the Z03 series long life glass cutter.